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A Tribute to Sir Michael Parkinson

From the trustees and members of Men’s Matters Charity

Men’s Matters charity wishes to express our collective shock and sadness at the news, on Thursday 17th August 2023, of the passing of our patron and supporter, Sir Michael Parkinson CBE, at the age of 88.

Shortly after becoming a registered charity in 2017, Men’s Matters wrote to Sir Michael, asking him if he would consider becoming our patron. He asked for more information and agreed to meet us at the Maidenhead Community Centre in 2018. He met our trustees and members, mainly retired men living in Windsor and Maidenhead, and announced he would be delighted to be our patron as he approved of our aim to help older men enjoy their retirement years through informal social interaction in a peer group environment.

Since that time, Men’s Matters has become part of the NHS Social Prescribing network through which older men with mental health problems, including early-stage dementia, depression and anxiety, are referred to us so they may benefit from the company of others. Sir Michael fully supported this initiative and would always make an effort to fit us into his busy schedule of media and promotional work to attend our events.

Over the past five years he continued to take an active interest, asking for updates on our activities and agreeing to appear at some of our events, mainly Christmas lunches and special occasions such as the Queen’s Jubilee tea parties in 2022. Sadly, this was the last time we saw him. In addition, he won us grants on two occasions through the celebrity charity, Saints and Sinners. Those donations went towards the costs of our weekly meetings and day trips.

Men’s Matters wish to express their deep gratitude and respect to Sir Michael for being part of our family and helping us to grow so that we can reach more men who may be experiencing loneliness, or simply wish to enjoy the company of others, in East Berkshire. Most of all, we will miss his company at our Christmas lunches where he shared his memories of interviewing celebrities on his television show in the forthright and humble manner in which he expressed himself, and spreading happiness through the group.


Our deepest condolences to his family and all those at Parkinson Productions.

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